As an educational institution, the main goal is to provide the best learning experience for the future leaders of the world. Providing an interactive and enjoyable learning experience has proven to take students to the next level in their studies. The biggest down fall we see though, is a lack of funding to take education to the next level.

To thin the line between cost and level of education, VirtuStation works with vendors and government programs that focus on the providing better means to education in the classrooms. By being the middle man in allocating funds for schools and finding the best technology to meet the budget, VirtuStation goes far and wide to make sure students are given the tools they need for success.

We take pride in currently working with the following educational facilities:

  • K-12 educational institutions
  • Type 2 educational institutions
  • Higher education
  • Learning Centers

At VirtuStation we are honored to be partnered with USAC as an ERATE service provider for school and library’s .