VirtuActive Intelligent Help Desk

In the world of compliance and usability,  break/fix roles have now escalated to the need of a more proactive approach for our end users. Gone are the days that a technician is waiting on tickets. As IT professional we need to proactively monitor our infrastructure to identify the issues before they become impacting.

The constant battle with IT professionals is always time; we know what we want, but with the lack of time and daily management makes this level of support just out of grasp. To help bridge the gap, VirtuStation has partnered with large security firms to develop a tool that mitigates all of these concerns in one package. The VirtuActive package fills all the voids that IT professionals need in their infrastructure

Proactive Monitoring – Sensors are everywhere! It only makes sense that your workstation is using sensors to ensure that all systems are go! Early detection of issues and proactive notifications alerting you when their are potential issues in a system keeps downtown to a minimum and productivity to maximum for users and IT alike. 

Patch Management – Updates to workstations are some of the most critical necessities in regards to security and compliance. With Zero-Day threats on the rise, patching all devices in the infrastructure is a must to ensure we have taken the proper steps in mitigating risk. These patches go beyond the system and ensure third party applications (Adobe, Google, Dropbox, etc) are also covered. Those mid day updates and reboots are a thing of the past. 

Anti Virus-   Proactive scanning of threats and malicious activity on workstation machines has been a must in security for years. Security is measured in layers, one of the thickest layers in endpoint security is anti virus. As a partner with Webroot Systems, rated best defense system of 2018, we are honored to ensure confidence in their product and support as part of the ViruActive package. 


VirtuStation Service Desk  –  Remote administration of workstations has become the first tier of support for most IT departments. By understanding the extent of an issue professional can gauge how much support is actually required to resolve an end users issue. Often, we realize that resources are not used correctly by bogging down tier 2 and 3 support staff with phone calls, emails, and tickets. This inefficient use of resources provides delays to projects and tasks that could of been managed by a service desk technician. Offering a first line of defense, VirtuStation provides support for your end users issues without needing to involve higher tier support. This allows VirtuStation to jump into a users machine, correct the issue, and provide a report of the solution to your IT staff without any loss of resources. We work with you to support your environment, whether you need a second hand managing issues or just temporary coverage.