Data backup is an insurance plan. Important files are accidentally deleted all the time. Mission-critical data can become corrupt. Natural disasters can leave your office in ruin. With a solid backup and recovery plan, you can recover from any of these. Without one, you’re left with nothing to fall back on.


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At VirtuStation we have worked closely to develop a backup tool packed with features that is affordable to all.

Bare-Metal Restore:

Storage Options

And more

  • Restore Windows Server as virtual machine in the cloud
  • Restores with USB Flash directly from the cloud
  • Restores to a dissimilar hardware
  • Restores to Hyper-V or VMware
  • File-level restore from image based backup
  • Restore Microsoft SQL Server databases and backup files
  • Mailbox-level restore for Microsoft Exchange 2010

Imaged-Based Backup:

Block-level volume snapshots are taken and sent directly to local storage or cloud, allowing restores to be performed on mismatched hardware or VM enviorments

  • Backs up all or selected volumes
  • Reduce the amount of uploaded data and accelerate full backup creation with Synthetic Full Backup
  • Full and differential backup of MS SQL Server
  • Transaction log backup
  • Predefined backup templates
  • VSS-based backup of Microsoft Exchange

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