Managed Services

    • Backup/Recovery

Are you tasked with maintaining the infrastructure for your company? Your server has a lot of critical information, and a major failure is something you’ll want to avoid.

We’re equipped with the latest technologies and state-of-the-art methods to ensure your systems are protected. You can rely on us to compile a backup method for all your assets or work tirelessly to recover files that may have been lost.

    • Helpdesk


    • System Deployment / Rollout

You can count on Virtustation’s end to end solutions for system deployments with a single point of contact and accountability. From deploying new machines to disposing of old ones, every stage in the product lifecycle is taken care of by Lenovo, so you can get down to business quickly and at reduced costs.* Let us design a custom solution for you!

    • Print Solutions

Go with the partner who puts you first, making your priorities their priorities. Everything we do is geared toward making your life easier, and your marketing campaigns completely stress-free.

    • Office 365

You already know all the business benefits of using Office 365™. Your employees are more productive with the easy and anywhere access to the collaborative suite of tools that Office 365™ offers. However, managing and supporting Office 365 for all your employees can be complicated and costly. Implementing, customizing, deploying and troubleshooting Office 365 often requires dedicated IT resources that should be focused on larger business projects. To successfully use Office 365 to drive business productivity, you need an experienced partner to help deploy and support this powerful tool.